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How to Regrow Hair

This regularly updated guide includes every trick, technique, and product I’ve found to help you reverse hair loss and start regrowing hair.  The best part is, all of my suggestions in this guide are backed by clinical science – so enjoy learning how to regrow hair naturally with these proven methods!

The Best Multivitamin for Hair Growth

Hair Growth Vitamins: Best Multivitamin for Hair Loss

If you’re using natural methods to heal from hair loss, I want you to know; the path ahead is essentially an exercise in self love. You will not find a magic pill for hair growth, because healthy hair is a natural extension of balanced inner health. Establishing and maintaining [...]

Essential Oils for Hair Growth

Essential Oils for Hair Growth

Did you know that essential oils have been clinically shown to stimulate hair growth? It’s true! This 1998 study shows how a mixture of jojoba and essential oils for hair growth were used to stimulate new hair growth in 44% of patients with alopecia areata. This natural hair growth [...]

Hair Growth Shampoos

Hair Growth Shampoo

Do hair growth shampoos really work? Yes! Finding the right hair growth shampoo can help you reverse female hair loss and regrow hair. You probably wash your hair with shampoo on a regular basis – so if you want to reverse hair loss right now, start by switching to a [...]

Scalp Massage for Hair Growth

Daily Scalp Massage for Hair Regrowth

Is hair regrowth as simple as a scalp massage? Yes! Scientists have proven that daily scalp massage increases hair thickness and can reverse hair loss. How Does Scalp Massage for Hair Regrowth Work? Scalp massage increases circulation and brings vital nutrients so your hair [...]

Hair Growth Supplements

Vitamins for Hair Growth: Vitamin D

Adequate Vitamin D levels play a role in healthy hair growth. A recent study found that Vitamin D enhances follicle genesis and increases hair density. (Wow!) Vitamin D is intimately involved in so many other key functions of our bodies- including the expression of [...]