If you’re using natural methods to heal from hair loss, I want you to know; the path ahead is essentially an exercise in self love. You will not find a magic pill for hair growth, because healthy hair is a natural extension of balanced inner health. Establishing and maintaining internal balance depends on daily self care. While herbs and supplements provide extra support when needed, vibrant health and hair growth is founded in nourishing meals, stress release, and exercise. In addition to your daily self care rituals, a quality multivitamin is a necessity in modern times.

What’s the Best Multivitamin for Hair Loss?

best multivitamin for hair growth

It’s confusing to choose from the hundreds of multivitamins available! Which multivitamin provides the most hair growth support? The answer may be a bit unexpected; I recommend a multivitamin that supports stress recovery. Why? Because losing your hair is freaking stressful!

A huge variety of internal and external factors can lead to hair loss, which makes it extremely difficult for doctors to successfully treat. Most hair fall can be attributed to one of three main causes:

  • Nutritional deficiencies: lack of protein, iron, zinc, or other trace minerals
  • Hormonal origins: polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), thyroid imbalance, and natural fluctuations from pregnancy & menopause
  • Stress: Excessive and unreleased stress originating from your external environment (work and family stress) or your internal environment (perfectionism and unresolved emotional trauma)

It is vitally important to acknowledge the enormous role that mental and emotional stress plays in hair loss. Even if your hair loss was initiated by nutritional deficiencies or hormonal irregularities, the stress of losing hair quickly perpetuates a vicious cycle of hair loss.

What is the Vicious Cycle of Hair Loss?

The stress of hair loss triggers the same fight/flight survival response that’s designed to save your life from imminent danger. Whether you’re facing a wild animal or worried about hair loss, your body responds to the perceived threat by flooding your bloodstream with adrenaline and cortisol. These stress hormones change your entire physiology by initiating a biochemical chain reaction that prepares your body to defend and survive. Your breathing changes and blood is diverted away from the internal organs to feed your peripheral muscles.¹

The survival response is great for getting you out of a dicey situation, but if you’re constantly exposed to these potent survival hormones your health and your hair will deteriorate.

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