Acupuncture for Hair Growth

Acupuncture is the Best Treatment for Hair Loss I spent several years searching for an explanation for my hair loss. I went from naturopath to naturopath and eventually landed in the office of a cold and abrasive dermatologist. The doctor spent all of 5 minutes evaluating me then bluntly confirmed, “Your hair is falling out.” … Read more

Formaldehyde-Releasing Agents

Check your Products for these Ingredients! There is a class action lawsuit against Tresemmé claiming “DMDM Hydantion” triggered hair loss in several hundred women! DMDM Hydantion prevents microbial growth in products like shampoo, conditioner, mousse, hair spray and other cosmetics. I’m all for preventing microbial growth, but not at the expense of hair growth! This potentially … Read more

Daily Scalp Massage for Hair Regrowth

Daily Scalp Massage For Hair Growth Is hair regrowth as simple as a scalp massage? Yes! Scientists have proven that daily scalp massage increases hair thickness and can reverse hair loss. How Does Scalp Massage for Hair Growth Work? Scalp massage increases circulation and brings vital nutrients so your hair follicles can grow plum and … Read more

Essential Oils for Hair Growth

Essential Oils for Hair Growth Is it true that essential oils have been clinically shown to stimulate hair growth? Yes, it’s true! This 1998 study shows how a mixture of jojoba and essential oils for hair growth were used to stimulate new hair growth in 44% of patients with alopecia areata. This natural hair growth … Read more

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