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Welcome to Grow Back Girl!

Hair loss is not easy for a woman to talk about. If you’re experiencing female hair loss, I want you to know- you are not alone! This blog shares natural methods to reverse hair loss for women everywhere. All of these clinically shown methods of reversing female hair loss encourage hair growth without harmful side effects. Get started with my free Essential Starter Guide to Regrow Hair!

The Grow Back Girl Story

At 23 I noticed my hair was thinning. I timidly shared my fears with a naturopath, she ordered labs to test my hormone levels and check for nutritional deficiencies. All results came back within normal range. She didn’t seem to understand why this was happening while I started to pretend that it wasn’t happening at all! I used henna on a regular basis to give the perception of full hair.

I decided to visit a dermatologist, hoping that a specialist would be able to help me. The doctor was insensitive and did not address the underlying cause of my hair loss. She recommended I take pharmaceutical drugs to modify my hormone levels. These drugs come with harmful side effects and would only temporarily cover up the problem! I decided to start my own research into natural remedies.

I searched for natural remedies that would genuinely help me regrow hair. The internet is full of misinformation on the topic of hair loss so I turned to scientific articles for REAL solutions. Over months of research and experimentation I have found many natural ways to reverse female hair loss!

The GrowBackGirl project is a free service for all women experiencing hair loss. I created GrowBackGirl to share what I have learned with other women to heal from hair loss from the inside out. I have seen success with natural methods by creating a personal prescription that includes stress release, diet, exercise, supplements, and regenerative therapies. If you apply the principals you learn throughout this blog and in my upcoming guide, you too can reverse hair loss naturally.

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I know there are many women out there suffering in silence with female hair loss. Now is the time for that to change! I created this blog to share all-natural, scientifically proven ways to reverse female hair loss. <3/Cassy

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